Taylor's New Video Wildest Dreams Has A Brand New Theme - Africa

Quite different from the rest of her videos, this time, Taylor's new video has a brand new take and brand new theme and unique story. So what's different this time?

  1. A different hairstyle
  2. A setting about Africa wildlife
  3. Set in the 1920s-30s
  4. Reminds of Indiana Jones and his leading lady
  5. Taylor in an airplane
  6. Sitting next to lion
  7. Riding horses
  8. Falls in love with fellow actor but fails to keep it burning

Well you will have to watch it yourself to see a whole new perspective of music video by Taylor this time. In this video she is telling the story of how two main actors and actresses in a movie set fell in love at the set. Unfortunately in real life, the guy already has a girlfriend. Both have a feeling towards each other and Taylor earnestly hopes the guy will love and choose her. But he was a bit too late. In the end the guy decides to chase after her but Taylor has already left in a car.

Is this what really happened to the Real Taylor Swift in one of her sets or maybe something that might happen to her in the future. We will have to take a guess.

See the video below...

Click here for lyrics

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