Where Does Taylor Swift Live

If you are asking the question "where does Taylor Swift live?" I can probably see what is in your mind. Either you are a reporter or a fan who is dying to catch a glimpse of her. Who wouldn't want to be able to bump into a famous personality and probably get an opportunity to snap a few pictures of her doing things what normal people do. Or perhaps if you are lucky enough Taylor might be just having a bad day and decide to stroll along the paths and roads around her house to release stress. Or just walking here and there to think up a new song and you just bump into her and she says hi and you say Hi with a wide grin. Then both of you take pictures and she invites you to her home for dinner....

Enough of dreaming.

where does taylor swift live?The way to catch a girl is to know where she lives. Then be patient and wait : )

Taylor Swift is so busy nowadays that you probably won't be able to get a look at her even if you know where she lives. Travelling half the world seems more like her schedule. But hey, we have dig into this issue and come up with a few locations that she may be staying at any given time. Just an added bonus : Taylor spends most of her time in L.A, Nashville and New York.

1. Her Beach Side Mansion On The Coast Of Rhode Island

Taylor bought this beach side mansion for $17.7 million in 2013. While this is a large amount of money and the 11,000 square foot house is luxurious enough for her, it is reported that she rarely spends her time there. Her parents Scott and Andrea mostly use the house for themselves. Residents around the neighborhood were glad when Taylor bought the house. This news immediately brought untold fame to the area which is full of luxury and lavish homes. However, the residents were angered when our Taylor started building a huge seawall by her house to ensure privacy for herself. Many are questioning whether Taylor has the permit to do so or if she even obtained a permit for that. Taylor has also hired some security guards to ward off any intruder. The guards are present all the time even when Taylor is not there. You would most likely get to see her if you hang around long enough during summer.

Take a look at Taylor Swift's Rhode Island Mansion here.

Since Taylor has many houses, the best thing to do if you want to catch a glimpse of her is to have an intelligent guess at where she might be heading. For example, in summer, she might be spending more time in her summer home in Rhode Island

2. Taylor Swift's Nashville Home

Taylor bought this home sometime ago. The house is surrounded by sprawling gardens and lots of green. At about 5000 square feet, this house was built in 1925. The house has 4 bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms. Today, Taylor has listed this property for sale at a price of about $1.45 Million. Just $50,000 more than what she dished out to buy this house. Whoever buys it could boast that they bought this house from that famous country singer. Since she has listed it for sale, perhaps she is not living there as much as she used to be. But then why do you wana sell it? Must be here tight schedule that prevents her from enjoying the fruits of her labor. For those of you who want to stalk her and hope to get a glimpse of her, the house is located in the historic Whitland Neighborhood of Nashville.

But we don't think she is going to be living there at all anymore as the family thinks that the house is too small to their needs. Furthermore, the house is located on a very busy street with a school nearby. So definitely not something that a superstar would like to have around them. Lots of crazy kids and teenagers banging on your door to have a look at the famous Taylor Swift will probably drive Taylor and her parents crazy.

Check out the pics of Taylor Swift's Nashville Home for sale here.

3. Swift's L.A Home

Swift purchased this house for around $3.55 Million to $3.7 Million. Different sources gave different numbers but one thing is consistent is that it is more than $3 Million. Only rich and successful country singers like our Taylor could afford this kind of a dwelling. It sits on top of 1.5 acre in Beverly Hills. The house has 3 bedrooms, a guest home and 3.5 baths. Built in 1941, the house is Cape Cod styled and is bright and full of light which matches our Taylor's personality.

Pictures of Taylor Swift's L.A. House

* She recently invited some fans into her LA home to have a preview of her new album 1989. Some reports by fans who attended the event has surfaced on the net telling tales of their adventures. Some secret location in the hills and what not. So I'm not sure whether the place is the home mentioned above. With Taylor buying so many properties and we don't get updated that fast enough. Anyway, if you want to be able to catch a glimpse of her I think the best option is to go for whatever LA homes she is rumored to have purchased. Chances are better that you might spot her.

4. Nashville Mansion

I think one of the reason Taylor listed her Nashville home for sale is because she bought another mansion in Nashville. It was a rather strange thing for her to buy this home just 4 months after she purchase the $1.4 Million Nashville home. The mansion is 5600 square feet and it sits on top of 6 acres of beautiful landscaped hill. She is said to have spend north of $2.5 Million to secure this historic mansion. $2.5 million house as a gift of love and gratitude to her dear parents, Scott and Andrea. The mansion was built by a former US ambassador in 1930 and was also owned by Universal Music Group chairman Luke Lewis. Located at the south of Nashville, Taylor and her family regularly spend their time here in the past. I'm not sure if they are even spending any time here anymore. But hey you might be able to spot them once in a while, who knows?

In an interview with Time Magazine in March 7 2014, Taylor stated that she loves Nashville. To her it is the best place on earth. She also loves the fact that there is less publicity there where she can be herself. One strange thing she said was that the paparazzi don't bother her as much in Nashville compared to L.A. or New York. So, if you plan to bump into her, Nashville might be a great place to get up close and personal.

By the way, the area also plays home to the famous couple Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.

You can check out Taylor Swift's Nashville Mansion Pictures here.

5. Duplex Penthouse in Tribeca, New York City

It is also said that Taylor lives in one of the duplex penthouse in Tribeca, NYC. I',m not sure how much time she spends there a year or at all. But if she is somewhere near New York and is going to spend some time there working and having concerts then it is more likely that she will be staying at the duplex penthouse.

Taylor Swift really does have lots of home and she may be picking up more in the future. No problem for this girl who is estimated to be worth $200 Million and rising.

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