Taylor Swift's Blank Space Hits 1 Billion Views! We Are So Proud Of Taylor!

Taylor Swift is about to make another personal record and make history with her music video Blank Space. Just another 20 million views to go before hitting 1 billion views. At the time of this writing (June 30 2015), Blank Space has 980,675,462 views.

Yes! this music video will be another record breaking feat by Taylor and you heard it from us at TaylorSwiftPlanet first. No other music video that she made has yet to reach the 1 billion mark. Shake It Off is close on the heels of Blank Space with 899,591,498 views but we think that Blank Space will be the one to mark Taylor's first billion view count on the popular video sharing site YouTube.


Below is a capture of the stats on Blank Space's You Tube views.

Obviously 281,322 people are Taylor Swift haters, while about 4 million happy souls are touched by Taylor's song. Taylor's fans spend more than 6000 years of time watching this video again and again. With more than 1 million plus shares, no doubt this song is extremely popular among her fans.

Why It Is So Popular

There are only so many videos on YouTube to have more than 1 billion views as achieving that status is no easy feat. To be able to capture the attention of worldwide viewers to view it again and again, your video has to be really "unique" and "one of a kind". Psy's Gangnam Style is one weird example where a horse riding dancing style managed to gain a worldwide following despite most viewers only knowing 3 words in the video, "Hey Sexy Lady....".

We believe that Taylor Swift's Blank Space is on track to hit the 1 billion view because of the captivating personality, the song's catchy tune and the meaning behind the song which many young girls and women (and men) obviously could relate to.

Click here to read the lyrics of Blank Space.

Again, Taylor's hallmark of writing songs with catchy tunes and lyrics that fans can relate to pays off big time!

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