Taylor Swift Weight, From 59 Kg To 54 Kg Or 50 Kg or Even Less?

It seems that in 2011, Taylor Swift was much bigger in size compared to her skinny image in 2014. Taylor Swift's weight perhaps has dropped from 59 kg (130 pounds) to 54 kg (119 pounds). Or is Taylor Swift's weight loss even more extreme than we thought. She is already skinny enough but one does wonder why she seems to have lost weight. Is Taylor having a weight loss regime that is a bit over? What do you think? Does she looks better when she is heavier or does she look better when she is skinnier?

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Take a look at the picture below...That's a picture of Taylor in 2010

taylor swift weight

Here's a picture of Taylor in 2014

taylor swift

I can't really spot the difference as it is just very slight. But I do think that Taylor has reduce some weight over the years. Perhaps she is 50 kg now. I'm not sure but perhaps the correct weight today would be around 53 kg.

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