Taylor Swift Tickets

Taylor Swift Tickets usually sell like hot cakes due to the high demand and limited places that are available. A good example are the tours in Asia that she is doing. Only the lucky ones who are fast enough to grab a ticket will be able to see her perform live. Below are some tips on how to get Taylor Swift's concert tickets for yourself.

How can I be notified of Taylor's new concerts, pre-sale and ticketing information?

If you want to be notified about new concerts and ticketing information as soon as they are decided by management team, then we recommend that you sign up to Taylor Swift's Official Mailing List. Not only do you get pre-sale and ticketing information, you also get Taylor's news and updates and many other free stuff only for Taylor's special fans who sign up.

You can also go to TicketMaster.com and sign up for the favorites list so you never will miss any event. The other place to go is Viagogo.com which also offer latest ticket alerts as well as sale dates, times and event information.

Where can I buy Taylor Swift tickets?

The moment that you know that Taylor Swift announces her upcoming concert, you need to be super fast to get the tickets you want. Speed is also crucial to get the best seats. 

The best place to get the tickets are the official sponsors and organizers. They are usually listed on the events page on Taylor's Official website.Sometimes they provide a link and sometimes they don't. But once you know the name of the organizers, it pretty easy to search from there.

Other places to get genuine and reliable tickets online are

These are some of the most popular and widely used sites to obtain concert/event tickets. They have been in the business a while and have established themselves so its safe to say they are more reliable than others.

They also let you set up alerts to notify you when tickets are available. Even if the concert is sold out, you might still be able to get yourself a ticket although at a much steeper price.

Oh another place to go especially if the concert is not based in US, is Google. Just type in "taylor swift tickets" in the search engine and look at the sponsored links at the top. Usually official sponsors and organizers will utilize the sponsored listings to sell tickets or give away free tickets.

What if Taylor's concert tickets are all sold out? How do I get one?

There's always some ticket peddlers around in your city that locals will know about. They will sell you tickets at a steep price. Also, the tickets might not be genuine which make you at risk of losing it all.

The best place to go is of course TicketMaster.com which is the authority on all things related to tickets. 100% refundable and iron clad guaranteed protection for buyers.

Another place to go is Viagogo.com which allows people to buy sold out tickets from other sellers. They offer a protection system where they will not transfer the money to the seller till you have been to the concert/event itself. Due to scarcity and the extra protection, you need to be prepared to pay much more for the tickets. Anywhere between an extra 30%-200% is not unusual.

Other alternative sites are

But I notice that usually all the sites display almost the same available tickets.

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