Taylor Swift Sings Vance Joy's Riptide And Plays The Piano

It's not normal to see Taylor Swift playing the piano. Recently she did a cover on Vance Joy's Riptide playing the piano. Watch her perform in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge.

We usually see Taylor Swift performing with a guitar but she gave us a glimpse into her piano skills as well. Although not as fantastic as Yiruma, she still manages to play extremely well. The song which was originally performed by Australian singer songwriter Vance Joy was one of the songs that were trending in the news recently when Taylor sang the song. I certainly think that Vance Joy would be very thankful to Taylor for doing him a favor.

The very fact that she chose to perform this song is a silent endorsement to Vance Joy's talent. Fans of Taylor Swift all over the world would come to know about this relatively unknown singer and perhaps the whole world would start to take notice of him. Compared to the original version by Vance Joy, Taylor purposely slowed down this song to suit her.

Release of New Album - Generate Excitement and Buzz

The talented Taylor Swift is set to release her much awaited album 1989 on Oct 27 this year. She has been creating quite a lot of buzz recently when she invited some of her fans to sample her new album at her L.A. home. Their mobile phones were of course taken away and they had to sign a secrecy agreement. It was a once in a lifetime event for most of them. Many posted pictures taken with Taylor using a Polaroid camera from the 80s.

taylor swift website

Taylor's marketing team has obviously generated excitement and booking up sales before the release of the album by having a countdown timer on her official website. Above is a screenshot of her website homepage. Smart people.

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