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Taylor's new album 1989 is going to be released on October 27 2014. A few songs have already been released to audiences while the rest are still a secret. The title of the album 1989 is based on the year that Taylor Swift was born.

Below is the full track list of her new album 1989 taken from her Instagram post

Based on the songs that were released to the public, the album marks a move away from her country style to pop genre.

The singer has been drumming up publicity for the album through various means. First, she invited some of her fans to sample the songs in her L.A home. Then she started a countdown to the album's release in her official website. Here and there on social platforms and youtube, Taylor released bits and pieces of info and samples to the public.

Reports have stated that the new album will sell about 800,000 to 900,000 copies in the first week. Fans can also pre-order the album at the official website with instant download of 3 songs "Shake It Off", "Out Of The Woods" and "Welcome To New York".

5th Studio Album

1989 will be Taylor Swift's 5th Studio album. This album will see her collaborate with famous names such as Max Martin, Shellback, Diane Warren, Jack Antonoff and Ryan Tedder.


Taylor admitted that her new album 1989 was inspired by music in the late 80s which she had re-discovered.


Her lead single "Shake It Off" was released to the public on August 18 2014. The music video of this song feature a few of her fans from Twitter, Instagram and mail fans. The song has already racked up almost 200 million views.

"Out Of The Woods" was released on October 14 2014.

"Welcome To New York" was released on October 20 2014.

The world is waiting for her new album. As the countdown starts and reaches its destination, all Taylor Swift fans will definitely be on the lookout. Let's hope this album will help her win more awards. We love you Taylor Swift.

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