Taylor Swift Net Worth, Why Do You Care So Much How Much She Has?

It has been reported and speculated that our Taylor has a net worth of $240 to $280 Million and that she earns $80 Million in a year. I'm sure most of you have already heard about this from sites such as Forbes and the popular site about the net worth of stars, Celebritynetworth,com.

Click on link to read their reports. Sometimes I wonder if its even close to what Taylor has or is it just a rough estimate stated to entertain us. Anyway, they are the experts and that's probably quite close to the real amount. Only our Taylor know how much she has in the bank.

I guess when you are in the spotlight and keep on winning awards non stop, people are bound to ask you how much money you got in the bank. For us here at TaylorSwiftPlanet.com we don't really care how much Taylor Swift's net worth comes to. To us, she's worth $100 Billion because of the joy she has brought us through her songs.

This past few months, entertainment and business sites have speculated that our Taylor is on track to make $1 Million a day in 2015. That's $365 Million a year. Those kind of headlines tend to catch readers attention but an article in Forbes put it in reality by stating Taylor will only make about $100 Million after all the expenses.

Not bad at all. $100 Million of pure profit in a single year! I don't think I will be able to earn that in my lifetime at all. It is an incredible feat for someone as young our Taylor. How many people could make $100 Million a year when they are only 26 years old?


Well, if all the reports, news and articles about Taylor Swift net worth on the internet is true, let's do some fun thing and project her future net worth. Assuming for the next 5 years Taylor's popularity, endorsements and ticket sales are about the same as today this is what her net worth will look like:

  • 2016 = $350 Million
  • 2017 = $450 Million
  • 2018 = $550 Million
  • 2019 = $650 Million
  • 2020 = $750 Million

If Taylor is shrewd enough to invest her money into real estates, startups, IPOs or some business ventures, I guess she could be a billionaire by 2020!

Her Impact Is Priceless

I think figures and amounts are what interests financial sites and the media. To the many Swifties and we at TaylorSwiftPlanet, it is her songs and her person that is important to us. Someday, when her fans are older, they won't be thinking about how much Taylor Swift earned, but they will remember the times when Taylor took a picture with them, the times when Taylor shook their hands and the times when Taylor gave them a smile which touched their hearts.

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