Taylor Swift Height

Despite her seemingly tiny stature, Taylor Swift's height is much taller than what she appears to be. Guess how tall she is?

A) 1.59 metres

B) 1.78 metres

C) 1.85 metres

There is only one correct answer. An if you are a Taylor Swift fan you should already know her measurements by now. Sometimes a star can look taller than they actually are in real life because of the 'wow' factor that has got us so deeply in love with them. Is it an illusion our brain tries to do to us? Hmm...anyway we do know that Taylor is tall, but just how tall?

Skinny figure makes her look tall. But somehow it also makes her look petite

Well, one thing we do know. She seems to have long legs

Okay, when you see her standing next to the average girl, you suddenly realize she is tall.

So have you guess the correct answer?

If you answered 1.78 metres, you are correct. If you answered A) or C) it definitely shows us you are no Taylor Swift fan.

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