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Taylor Swift hair is awesome. Over the years, our Swifty has certainly changed many styles. Taylor Swift's hair has gone from long to short and in between. But which suits her the best? I think I prefer her having long hair. The curly ones look cute too. But then when she has a shorter hair style she seems to look great too. Is it the fact that as fans of hers we are so addicted to her that whatever hairstyle she has still captivates us?

Okay, question here. Do you like Taylor Swift with long hair or short hair? Raise your hands if you think she looks better in long hair. Well, take a look at the pics below and decide for yourself.

First pic, hair let down to shoulder. Somehow her face looks a bit squarish.

Love those curls dropping to the left side while she combs the other side back

This hairstyle makes her looks like she is about to accept and award for an Oscar. A bit more mature than the usual hairstyles.

Did the wind just blew her hair?

Is she appearing on the cover of a magazine?

Back when she was the girl next door

Equal curls on both sides

Lady Gaga wanabee?

This style makes her looks a bit chubby

My favorite. This is the hair style she had on the music video "We are never ever getting back together". Captivating isn't it?

Now she looks like one of those supermodels. Okay maybe this time she can be a teeth model. Look at all those beautiful white teeth!

Recent hair style. Looks more like a high powered businesswoman

This style makes her looks so innocent

She just looks so beautiful no matter what the hairstyle. No wonder she could get lots of boyfriends. Guys seem to fall all over her. Check out The 12 Taylor Swift Boyfriends.

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