Taylor Swift Feet And Legs Are The Most Beautiful In America!

I'm not bragging because I'm Taylor's fan. But take a look for yourself and you will agree that Taylor Swift feet and legs are the most beautiful ones that you will ever see. There may be some bias in my views but I'm pretty sure that one of the things that we will notice is her feet and legs.

She does not have the typical perfect voluptuous figure that most men dream of. She does not need them in my opinion. Her talents are enough to shoot her to the highest level of fame. But then, what she lacks in figure, she makes it up with her sweet face and long beautiful legs. 

Did you know that Taylor is 1.78 meters tall? That is one real long and beautiful leg that she has. Take a look at the pictures of her feet and legs below. 

Do you know why Taylor always wear shoes that reveal most of her feet? Well, that's because she has amazingly beautiful feet which will be wasted if its hidden.

One of the things that will strike you the most when Taylor appears on stage is her legs! Her long slender legs just makes you feel that she is one of the most beautiful and natural (no plastics) creatures that this world has ever seen. Some people have certain features that make them stand out. If you ask me what is one thing that makes Taylor stand out, I will definitely say "Her Legs".

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Taylor's beautiful long legs make her standout among other stars
Those slender legs are her trademark

Isn't Taylor Swift's legs so beautiful and awesome? I think that her legs are the most beautiful of all female stars in America. I think there may be some who beg to differ. Maybe Kanye West? Probably if he stumble upon this page he might come up stage and start saying that another girl has better legs than Taylor. Lol

In order to prove to you that Taylor's legs are the best, let's compare her to other female celebrities.

Taylor Swift And Beyonce

Beyonce might be the better singer. But just like when Taylor snatched the Best Female Video in 2009 from Beyonce, Taylor's feet and legs are definitely better than Beyonce's. Sorry Beyonce, perhaps Kanye West may come to rescue you on this award for the Most Beautiful Feet. But then again, Kanye West may agree with us this time that Taylor wins this one.

Taylor Swift and Mariah Carey

When it comes to boob size, bust size and chest size, Mariah Carey definitely wins here. Taylor seen here did produce some cleavage but they are nothing compared to Mariah's big assets. But when you look further down, you can see that Taylor's ass and legs are definitely head and shoulders above Mariah's. 

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez

Okay, there may be a tie here. Both stars look stunning. Their legs are awesome. Somehow, don't you think that Taylor's legs help her appearance more than Selena's legs help her owner? They may be best of friends but secretly Selena Gomez may be dreaming of having her good friend's pair of legs.

Taylor Swift with Christina Applegate and Faith Hill

Tell me, who looks better here? Taylor's long legs and beautiful feet definitely makes her stand out among the rest.

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry

What's the first thing that you think of when you see Katy Perry? Pretty obvious its not her legs but her two big jugs. Nobody really focus on her legs. Fans of both celebrities recently became aware of the enmity between the both of them. Taylor keeps on telling her fans about this mean person out there who she doesn't know whether is a friend or not. Although there are no names being mentioned, we are not that blind. Katy reportedly stole Taylor's dancers and the relationship went sour from there. When it comes to the issue of feet and legs, I still think that Taylor's legs have more attractive power than Katy Perry's. The only thing that Katy Perry will ever win over Taylor is those assets that she has and she is not shy to use them.

Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus

This was a picture of both of them some years back when they could be compared. Right now I'm not sure what we could compare female celebrities to Miley with. Maybe we could measure how long they can stick both of their tongues out? Miley looks kind of dull here and her move to project a new image seems to have the effect of lifting her out of this misery. Taylor on the other hand looks bright and shiny. Its as if the sun is always shining on Taylor's feet and legs. Taylor definitely wins here.

Taylor Swift and Cindy Crawford

Okay, now let's take the same picture of Taylor and compare her with one of the most famous and successful supermodel to ever grace the cover of magazines. What do you think? I must say that Cindy Crawford still looks good despite her age. Still, don't you feel that Taylor's legs are more graceful?

Taylor Swift and Kate Upton

Let's compare her now with another successful model who is currently one of America's favorite. Kate Upton simply looks amazing in this outfit. Okay maybe there's a tie here. I still think that Kate Upton's thigh are much bigger and bulkier compared to Taylor's. You can't see them in this pic of Kate. Taylor's long slim legs are a plus in making Taylor look good in pictures while Kate Upton's "plus" boob size help her to look her best in any pic. 

Taylor Swift and Behati Prinsloo plus Miranda Kerr

Taylor must be getting a shock with that face of hers. How could we pit her against two of the top supermodels in the world? But I guess she is not afraid of any of them. Bring them in. While those two models have looks and figures that made them famous, it's still Taylor's beautiful legs that win the day.

The Most Beautiful Legs In America

I know some of you reading this will be secretly opposing my views on this page. You are well entitled to your own opinions. One thing you can't deny is that Taylor's success and fame is solely from her talent as a singer and songwriter. While many of today's female celebrity use their superb figures and assets to boost their career, Taylor has never needed to use any of those tricks. She is so talented and her personality and aura is enough to mesmerize her audience and turn them into their fans. It just happens that she also has great legs. Perhaps the most beautiful legs in America!

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