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You mean there are 12 Taylor Swift Boyfriends? We're not kidding you. Not only is Taylor Swift famous for her record-breaking albums and hit songs, she's also famous for her plethora of high-profile relationships. Her relationships adds the gob to her fame. So far, Taylor is yet to land her happily ever after, but she does not cower from lashing out at her ex-boyfriends with her songs.

Why is it that Taylor Swift can get so many boyfriends? Sometimes I wonder. Is it her personality or aura or achievement or her good looks. So many of us are battling so hard just to get people notice us but she hardly needs to lift a finger. Perhaps it's her super sense and ability to make a nice hairstyle. If you haven't read it, check out Taylor Swift's Hairstyles here. It's so amazing she can looks so beautiful no matter what hair style she wears.

taylor swift boyfriends

Don't worry boys, Taylor still hasn't found the perfect one. You still have a chance!

So here is the deal with Taylor, if you agree to be in a relationship with her, and it doesn’t‎ work out, she will write a song about you and the whole fiasco.  Her love life is an open book and is always under the scrutiny of the media. Sometimes it’s daunting to keep up with her relationships, but we have managed to round up a list of 12 of Taylor Swift’s boyfriends.

1. Brandon Borello (2003)

Brandon was Taylor Swift's boyfriend when she was in high school. The couple part ways after he went to college.

2. Sam Armstrong (2004)

The much we know about Sam is that he cheated on Swift and yes, he was the motivation behind one of her songs “should’ve said no.”

3. Joe Jonas (July - October 2008)

Taylor admitted that Joe dumped her in a phone call that lasted 27 seconds. How uncouth! But swift cranked up a million dollar single out the break up.

joe jonas, taylor swift's boyfriends

Joe reportedly dumped Taylor in 27 seconds

4. Lucas Till (April -June 2009)

Now, Lucas Till is the hunky guy who features in Taylor Swift’s video “You belong with me.” Swift didn’t start dating Lucas until he made an appearance on the hit single. They made such a cute couple, but they split after two months. According to Lucas, “they were too nice, and he only liked her as a friend.” Too bad, he didn’t really belong with her.

5 .Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner (October- November 2009)

It seems Hollywood is always swinging hot guys Taylor’s way. The two T’s started dating after co-starring as a couple in the star-studded film Valentine’s Day.  From acting to being a real life couple, it seemed Taytay and Lautner were the perfect match. Not for long though, the romance ended just after three months.

taylor lautner, taylor swift's boyfriend

Taylor and Taylor just couldn't last for more than 3 months despite having the same name

6. John Mayer (December 2009- February 2010)

Swift’s coupling up with country star John Mayer, who is 11 years older than her, became a hot topic in tabloids and blogs. Was dating an older guy going to be a deal breaker for a thriving relationship?  Eh… not really, Taylor’s single “Dear John” spills it all.

7. Toby Hemingway (July 2010- October 2010)

We can’t blame Taylor for dating guys who feature in her song videos - they are simply irresistible. These two neither confirmed nor denied their relationship. But they reportedly dated for about 3 months.

8. Cory Monteith (2010)

Taylor and the late Glee star dated for a while in 2010. Both denied the dating rumors but were often seen getting all cozy and snugly.

cory monteith reportedly dated taylor swift

We wonder how Taylor felt when Cory Monteith passed away

9. Jake Gyllenhaal (October- December 2010)

Taylor’s break ups inspire most of her songs, but Jake Gyllenhaal seems to be the man behind a whole album! Okay, not every tune on Red is about him, but most of the songs are lashing out at Jake. They only dated for two months, but Taytay had certainly fallen hard for him. 

Relationships are a two way street, but apparently Jake wasn’t pulling his weight. It became a messy breakup that hit Taylor Hard.

10. Eddie Redmayne (October 2011- February 2012)

The British actor had a fling with Taylor after they met in London where Swift had gone to audition for a role in Les Miserables. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t get a chance to thrive, thanks to the long distance between them. Just for the record Taylor was head over heels for Eddie, who knows where things could have ended up? 

11. Conor Kennedy (July - September 2012)

So far most of Taylor’s boyfriends spring from the Showbiz industry, but this time Taylor spread her wings into the political realm. No, she didn’t become a politician, but she dated a guy from the most renowned political family in the USA. The distance tore them apart though. Taylor had to finish her tour, and Conor had to go concentrate in his studies. He was high school student at the time.

12. Harry Styles (October 2012 - January 2013)

Taylor’s love-dovey moments with beau Harry Styles were plastered in almost every magazine cover. We get the reason, they were a hot couple, and obviously everyone just wanted to know how long this relationship would last. Tweens were obsessed with them and even coined the couple “Haylor.” Their relationship, however, was not going for the long haul. The couple fell out after two months.

harry styles, one of taylor swift's boyfriends

Obviously, Taylor's relationships couldn't last for more than a few months

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