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Here are my 2 cents worth articles about Taylor Swift, the greatest musician, songwriter, female guitar player and star in the world. Below you can find some random thoughts and observations from a Taylor Swift fan. I started this website about my favorite female artist Taylor Swift and am glad that it reaches so many people in the world today. Glad to be able to share my thoughts about Taylor on this site.

Will keep adding more articles as the day and years go by. As long as Taylor is making an impact in this world, there are many more great articles that will be written about her. She is an inspiration to me and millions of people around the world. Love you Taylor!

Taylor Swift's Net Worth

Wondering how much Taylor has in the bank account? Here are some reports from the internet.

How Does Taylor Swift Write Such Amazing Songs That Win Awards And Fans?

There are so many songwriters and musicians in this world. But I have still to see someone that have such a great impact on young people today like Taylor. 5 reasons why I think her songs are such award winners.

10 Reasons Why We (And Many Girls) Love Taylor Swift

Read it and see if they are true or not. Perhaps you love Taylor Swift for another reason that I've not mentioned here.

Is Taylor Swift's Feet And Legs The Most Beautiful In America?

I don't know about you, maybe I'm biased because I love her. I think she has the most beautiful legs among all the stars in America. What do you think?

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