The Famous Kanye West Taylor Swift Incident

This is perhaps the biggest on stage incident to hit Taylor. Kanye in 2009's VMA rob Taylor Swift of her limelight when he step on stage ranting that Taylor did not deserve the Best Female Video award. Kanye West pointed out that the award should be given to Beyonce instead.

"I'm sorry, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time"

Beyonce who looked on from her seat was stunned and shocked. Taylor was speechless. The whole crowd was silent as well for a moment. After Kanye left the stage, the crowd gathered round in support of Taylor. Later, Beyonce gave up her acceptance speech and let Taylor finish what she had to say. I think that is an act of grace on the part of Beyonce. Beyonce tried to repair the situation but the damage has already been done.

Effects of the interruption 

Although it has been 5 years since this incident happen, it is still one of the most famous Taylor Swift moments. Searches for this incident on google is still strong. With about 12,000 searches a month.

One good thing that both Taylor and Kanye got out of this incident is enormous publicity. It created fodder for the papers. Well since then, Taylor has gotten more and more popular. How about Kanye? The guy is now at the height of his fame after marrying reality queen Kim Kardashian.

So, do you want fame and publicity?

Then follow in the footsteps of Kanye West. Grab Taylor's mic when she is on stage and watch the magic happen.

Poor Taylor Swift, she is so successful till every single person wants to use her for publicity.

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