How Old Is Taylor Swift Actually? Taylor's True Age & Achievements Revealed

So how old is Taylor Swift anyway?

You know, just because she is born in 1989, some people will say that she is 25 years old this year. I think that is not quite accurate. This is because she was born on the last month of the year which is December. Unless that month passes, she is still 24. Here I compare her achievements and net worth with other young singers around her age.

Despite her many achievements, awards and journey in the music industry, the star is extremely young. She was born on December 13 1989. That makes her 24 years old. But once December strikes she will be 25. 

Despite being so young, our Taylor Swift has managed to achieve far more than most older celebrities as well as her contemporaries.

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How old are other stars compared to Taylor?

Lets take some of her contemporaries and see for ourselves

Katy Perry (5 years older) = 29 years old

Miley Cyrus (3 years younger) = 21 years old

Justin Bieber (4 years younger) = 20 years old

Ariana Grande (3 years younger) = 21 years old

Selena Gomez (2 years younger) = 22 years old

Austin Mahone (6 years younger) = 18 years old

Ed Sheeran (1 year younger) = 23 years old

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Among all of them, who wins the most awards?

Taylor Swift's Awards = 227 Awards, 423 nominations (Winner)

Katy Perry's Awards = 182 Awards, 244 nominations

Miley Cyrus' Awards = 68 Awards, 178 nominations

Justin Bieber's Awards =  155 Awards, 230 nominations

Ariana Grande's Awards = 22 Awards, 45 nomination

Selena Gomez' Awards = 40 Awards, 82 nominations

Austin Mahone's Awards = 9 Awards, 34 nominations

Ed Sheeran's Awards = 15 Awards, 45 nominations

Taylor Swift has won more awards and nominations than all of her contemporaries! We love Taylor Swift don't we.

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Net Worth

Taylor Swift's Net Worth = $250 Million (Winner)

Katy Perry's Net Worth = $110 Million

Miley Cyrus' Net Worth = $150 Million

Justin Bieber's Net Worth = $200 Million

Ariana Grande's Net Worth = $10 Million

Selena Gomez' Net Worth = $16 Million

Austin Mahone's Net Worth = $5 Million

Ed Sheeran's Net Worth = $16 Million

No comments here. Just like to point out that its gonna be very difficult for the others to catch up with her if Taylor's momentum continues like it is. Love you Taylor!

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