How Does Taylor Swift Write Such Amazing Songs That Win Awards & Fans?

Sometimes I just wonder how Taylor can come up with such a good number of songs that always win awards and capture the hearts of so many people around the world. I've been doing some analyzing here and there and I keep on thinking...How does she do it? How does she come up with those catchy lyrics? How does she produce those melodies?

I knew she won some national poetry contest when she was young. So no doubt Taylor is good with words and can express herself like William Shakespeare. What about the melodies that bring the lyrics to live? After mixing around with Taylor Swift for some time, Ed Sheeran seems to be able to come up with a few songs that have high hits on YouTube. 

Still Ed Sheeran is Taylor's prodigy. Taylor's songs and lyrics have more views than Ed Sheeran and the last time I look at the YouTube views (December 2015), here are the stats:

  • Blank Space - 1.3 Billion Views
  • Style - 349 Million Views
  • You Belong With Me - 520 Million Views
  • Shake It Off - 1.2 Billion Views

Her YouTube subscribers number 17.3 Million and her total video views are 7.3 Billion Views almost the same as the amount of people that are alive in this world right now. Ed Sheeran on the other hand has 7.8 Million subscribers and 2.4 Billion Views on YouTube. Not bad at all. So its true that if you wanna be good at something, learn from the best! Ed Sheeran really did learn a lot from Taylor and of course he got the publicity and exposure as well.

1. Write About Your Own Experience

If you look at Taylor's songs you will realized that many of them are written about her own experiences. Writing about our own experience brings out a personal view of how things are and should be. Sometimes it may capture other people's imagination. Sometimes its something that others can relate too.

Taylor writes as a teenager in love and as a young woman who goes through life and love. I suppose these songs captures the minds of millions of teenage girls around the world because its the same thing that they went through. That reminds me of Anne Frank who wrote about her own personal experience of Nazi occupation. The diary of Anne Frank became a bestseller and still influences people today.

Formula for a mega, award winning hit song : Personal experience about love with catchy phrases and nice tune that millions can relate to.

2. Write About Love Problems

Nothing creates a bond better than love songs that are about the problems that an individual faces. Taylor Swift has become a master of it. Turning her own problems into songs and expressing her frustrations gives her extra motivation.

Everyone in this world faces love problems at one time or another. Many fans have said that Taylor's songs have impacted them and help them overcome their worries and problems.

3. Write About Hope

If Taylor were to only write about love problems, she would probably only capture half of her audience. People love hope and a good Love Story. Putting the desires and wishes of a young woman into lyrics and songs brings a bright hope to young girls around the world. It could be me, that could happen to me!

4. Catchy Phrases In A Song

A good song will live in the memory of fans for the rest of their lives. Some people may not remember the whole song but they definitely remember a catchy phrase in the song. Sometimes that phrase helps shape and define the life attitude of the listener. Take a look at Taylor's songs and you will notice lots of catchy phrases. Not gonna list them here because if you are reading this you probably are a Swifty and you know which phrases you repeat again and again in your mind everyday. See what I mean.

5. Put A Nice Tune And Melody

Great lyrics and phrases will only go so far. A great tune will transcend all language and boundaries. Think about the song "Happy Birthday" and "We Wish You A Merry Christmas". Its sung in all kinds of languages around the world.

I believe a songwriter should spend as long as possible creating a tune that people will remember for a lifetime. Its far more better to write one hit song a year than a bunch that only fills in the spaces of an album. If you create 5 great songs in an album the royalty itself will last you a lifetime. 


This is my two cents worth of why Taylor Swift's music and songs continues to dominate the airwaves of America and the world. I'm not a songwriter but I know a good song when I hear one. Perhaps this article means nothing to you. But if you are a songwriter reading this, you have a lot you can learn from Taylor Swift. Write the world a song that they will remember and you will be rewarded a lifetime for just that one song!

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