73 Questions With Taylor Swift By Vogue

Sometime ago, I saw a video by Vogue that is very interesting. They did a video called 73 questions with Taylor Swift. It seems that Vogue does a lot of these 73 questions with many other stars as well. A very great concept since it racks up millions of views by fans.

Taylor's 73 questions racked up 3.6 Million views in about 10 days!

I think this is a great video for those who want to get to know Taylor Swift a bit more. The facts are accurate to as it comes from the horse's mouth. I mean its answered by Taylor Swift herself so its definitely more accurate than all the things that are written about her on the internet. 

Its about 9 and a half minutes long. Check it out and let me know what you think about it below.

In this video I learned many things that I didn't know about Taylor before. Some facts about Taylor like:

  1. Her brother has a nickname for her "Teffi" or izzit "Taffy". Not sure about the spelling.
  2. One of the best gifts she ever received is when her boyfriend planted an olive tree for her. Shows me that gifts that really touch her are sometimes not the ones that cost a lot of money but are those that come from the heart.
  3. The most difficult song to perform on stage for Taylor is "The Best Day" which is about her mom. Because it will make her cry.
  4. She has about 10 cats (statues) or maybe even more in her house.
  5. You will get to know what is her favorite scented candle. Its the last question in this video.
  6. The first song that she learned to play on the guitar is "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None The Richer.
  7. The fastest song she wrote is "Blank Space".
  8. She puts her Grammys and VMA all over the house just like you would put decorations all over your house. This problem happens when you have won too many awards. I wish this is a problem I have.

There is the part where Taylor asked the Vogue interviewer to check out the Scrabble she has on the table. And she put a "g" and formed the word "Vogue". Then the interviewer says that she planned it but she said it is spontaneous. I think its prepared in advance but anyway, I guess Taylor uses that incident to say that she is spontaneous. Which in real life she is.

Anyway, 73 questions is really a great concept by Vogue.

Lets us know more about Taylor in her own words. Be sure to watch it yourself and send in your thoughts below.

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