10 Reasons Why We (And Many Girls) Love Taylor Swift

Years ago I heard about the name Taylor Swift and how famous she is and how many guys and young girls seem to fall in love with her. Ah....I thought to myself, just another rising star who will fade with time.

Little did I know that she will become a legend, a talented singer songwriter who has won more awards than anyone I can think of. And the surprising thing was, even I had fallen for her. Even President Obama in one of his White House Correspondence jokes about Taylor  "It's like we're trapped in a Taylor Swift album".

Here are 10 simple reasons why this generation can't stop loving Taylor:

1. Girls And Women Can Relate To Her

There's one thing about Taylor's songs = she writes from her experience. Her songs tells of longings of love from a young girl, the frustrations a woman feels in life and many other stuff that young girls and women experience in their life. Songs like Tim McGraw, I Knew You Were Trouble and many more speak of her life experience which is shared by millions of other girls.

2. Her Songs Have A Catchy Tune

The majority of the songs that we hear from her are written by her. Not only is it that way, the tunes are from her and they are out of the ordinary ones and different from the ones that you hear everyday. Simple chord progression on the guitar can be turned into some very catchy dreamy tune to some very 80s style song and modern ones takes the listener little effort to memorize the tune. Bet you know some on your lips.

Don't believe? Check out Tim McGraw and you will definitely agree.

3. Her Life Story From Humbleness To Greatness

Her life is almost like a fairytale of rags to riches that we dream of. Coming from a humble background moving to Nashville trying her luck there and ending up to becoming the superstar of the century, her story shows girls all around the world that if you persevere and don't give up, you can achieve your dreams. Taylor is definitely living her dreams.

4. A Girl Who Plays The Guitar

I once saw a sign board by a female fan that goes like this "I Play Guitar Because Of Taylor". Long being the domain of male performers, a guitar on a girl is so different. And this difference is the reason that made Taylor so attractive. Whoever, thought that a girl holding a guitar and playing country music can be so successful?

5. She Has Nice Feet & Legs

Have you ever noticed how awesome Taylor's legs are? Slim and long and slender, one of the most beautiful and sexy legs you will ever come across. Don't agree, check out our article Taylor Swift Feet And Legs Are The Most Beautiful In America!

6. She Has A Sweet & Pretty Face

This is one of the reason why so many girls around her age hate her. Young girls adore her and want to be like her. But women and girls around her age despise her because they find that their boyfriends can't stop looking at Taylor's face and wishing their girlfriends are like her. A pretty face does come with a price. But we know it's not just about looks.

Taylor is pretty even without makeup

Original Instagram Pic Here

7. She Speaks Out For The Weak

Remember sometime ago where Apple trying to launch Apple music and giving a free trial to folks but not giving any royalty to artists during that period? The big guy was trying to take advantage of musicians and Taylor had enough of it. She spoke out for those poor artists and Apple responded immediately by changing their policies to enable artists to receive royalties during that period. That is power my friend! And Taylor certainly uses her clout to influence music history for the benefit of the weak.

Read The Original Letter Taylor Sent To Mr. Apple

8. She Gives Hope To Others

Which brings us to the next point. After the fiasco with Apple, the whole world came to adore her more. Her life story, her success and her willingness to risk her reputation to speak out for the weak made her a shining hope for others. Certainly something that is praiseworthy and worth emulating. If you got a little girl in your house, you want her to follow in the footsteps of Taylor and not others stars.

9. Her Attitude And Humbleness

Some may beg to differ but personally, having witness many interviews and reading about how she carries on with her daily life, she is quite humble for someone who is enjoying the amount of success that she has. People change sometimes, but I haven't seen that proud attitude develop in Miss Taylor yet. Her work ethics of working hard and giving her best to her fans and to the world is something that all audience around the world has something to learn about.

10. Her Personality

Finally, her unique personality. A cat loving girl who speaks her mind through her songs and the way she dresses and talks and walks makes her totally different from those who are seeking fame in the entertainment industry. I believe being her very self and not trying to be what others think she should be have made her a trademark that is unique and totally 180 degrees away from the stereotype artist. As long as you be true to yourself Taylor, we believe her stars have a long time to shine while others around her fade away.

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