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Taylor Swift has touched our hearts and we are never the same again. Her songs are an inspiration to us. Her music brings color to our lives. Her story showed us that everything is possible. Her life is a blessing to all young people in the world. We love you Taylor! 

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73 Questions With Taylor Swift By Vogue

Vogue did an interview with Taylor Swift shooting 73 questions at her rapidly. I found out some things I did not know about Taylor.

Taylor Swift Net Worth

How much is Taylor Swift actually worth?

10 Reasons Why We (And Many Girls) Love Taylor Swift

Why do they all love Taylor so much?

Taylor's New Video Wildest Dreams Has A Brand New Theme - Africa

Quite different from the rest of her videos, this time, Taylor's new video has a brand new take and brand new theme and unique story. So what's different this time?

Taylor Swift's Song Bad Blood Sung In 20 Different Styles - Amazing!

YouTubers just can't stop coming up with funnier and weirder ways to sing a popular song by a famous artist. Check out this video by Ten Second Songs of Taylor's Bad Blood. 

Taylor Swift's Blank Space Hits 1 Billion Views! We Are So Proud Of Taylor!

Remember This Guy?

5 years on, and Taylor Swift fans still remember this guy who spoiled the party for Taylor. We will never forget the "Nice" thing Kanye West did to our Taylor Swift.

How Old Is Taylor Swift? -Taylor's True Age & Achievements Revealed and Compared With Singers Around Her Age

You know, just because she is born in 1989, some people will say that she is 25 years old this year. I think that is not quite accurate. This is because she was born on the last month of the year which is December. Unless that month passes, she is still 24. Here I compare her achievements and net worth with other young singers around her age. Read More

Is Taylor Swift's Feet And Legs The Most Beautiful In America?

One thing you will definitely notice when you look at Taylor is that she has awesome feet and long beautiful legs. Those are her assets that help her look so good on stage and off. Let's compare her feet and legs to some of America's prominent female celebrities.

Taylor Swift's Achievement In Her 24 Years On This Earth

Taylor Swift's age may only be 24 years old. But this amazing singer songwriter has achieved much more than any young musician has done. Check out what she did with her life here.

Taylor Swift's Changing Hair Style Over The Years

Whatever Swifty's hair style, she seems to be able to make them look great on her. She must have been spotted with at least 30 different hairstyles. Check these pictures out. I'm sure you will agree that she looks good no matter what.

100 Interesting Taylor Swift Facts Every Fan Should Know

Just how much do you know about Swifty? What....you don't even know that she is called "Swifty"? Then you should definitely check out these 100 facts about her.

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100 Interesting Taylor Swift Facts Every Fan Should Know
This young and beautiful singer has captured our hearts. Here are 100 interesting Taylor Swift Facts that every fan of hers should know.
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Taylor Swift Feet And Legs Are The Most Beautiful In America!
I'm not bragging because I'm Taylor's fan. But take a look for yourself and you will agree that Taylor Swift feet and legs are the most beautiful ones that you will ever see.
Taylor Swift New Album, News And Updates
Taylor's new album 1989 is going to be released on October 27 2014. A few songs have already been released to audiences while the rest are still a secret.
Taylor Swift Net Worth, Why Do You Care So Much How Much She Has?
It has been reported and speculated that our Taylor has a net worth of $240 to $280 Million. I'm sure most of you have already heard about this.

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